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Beginner’s Guide: Snowboarding/Ski Trip

Enjoying a cup of tea while looking at beautiful mountain and forest from a cabin.
Jen / February 21, 2018

I wish I knew about what to pack, purchase & useful tips in preparation for my first snowboarding trip! I definitely was not as prepared as I would like, but you definitely can be. Prior proper planning by utilizing my packing list & tips will help ease your anxiety on taking your first trip to the mountains!


  • Snowboard/Ski jacket & pants – for my first trip, I borrowed my friends. I would recommend borrowing since you won’t know if you will love the sport or not! You must have these items, since they are waterproof & will keep you dry during all of your falls. Trust me, you will fall!
  • Ski/Snowboard googles – unfortunately, most rental places do not rent out googles! You’re better off buying or borrowing some, they range from $15-30 USD for fairly cheap ones. If you don’t want to buy some, you could go to Lost and Found & ask to borrow some. BF lost his googles this past weekend & they just let him pick out a pair & keep it lol
  • Wool socks – I always pack at least 3 pairs for a weekend trip. One pair for each day you snowboard & an extra pair for when you’re not snowboarding! My favorite brand is SmartWool, they are thinner than other brands & are super warm!
  • Base layers – this includes a long sleeve & long underwear, these are very important & are a MUST have! They keep you very warm underneath your jacket & pants.
  • Waterproof snow mittens – these will keep your hands warm & dry! I forgot my mittens at home on my trip to Utah & ended up finding some cheap ones for $10 USD at a local shop.


A snowboarder sits on a snow capped mountain to enjoy the sunshine.


  • Winter boots – waterproof boots are best, but I just wear my UGGs tall boots & they keep me super warm! One bad thing about these boots are that they are not waterproof, so when I step in deep snow, my socks get a little wet 🙁
  • Ear warmer headband – these are fairly cheap & keep your ears warm. You can wear the headband under your helmet for extra warmth while on the slopes!
  • Neck warmer – these are also cheap & keep your neck warm. They also double up as a face cover when it is windy & cold! Definitely necessary especially when you’re on the lifts!
  • Butt pads & wrist guards – these items will help ease the pain when you fall, I did not use them on my first snowboarding trip but I did try them on my second. I found them too bulky & ended up taking them off.
  • Sunscreen – You may think you’ll be all covered up so you won’t get sunburned but don’t risk it. I’ve had many friends who have gotten sunburned/windburned because they didn’t think they needed it! I use a BB cream with SPF & it’s been keeping my skin hydrated & protected.



  • Elevation sickness medication – This past weekend I went to Breckenridge & had a real problem with this. It wasn’t even my first time in Breckenridge! So always have some elevation medication just in case.
  • Vitamin C – I throw a pack of Emergen-C into my bottled water & drink it each morning before heading to the mountains! It will support your immune system & keep you from getting sick.
  • Pain medication – I love Aleve because it’s the only one that works for me. Plus you can still drink alcohol with it in your system! I take 2 of these after a long day on the slopes.
  • Swimsuit – most cabins/ski resorts will have outdoor hot tubs or saunas & it is the best feeling after a long day on the slopes to soak your aching muscles!
  • Extra warm clothing – the towns are always quaint & cute! You can explore, souvenir shop, enjoy dinner & hit up some local bars so bring some casual warm clothes to go out & about!


A girl enjoying the snow fall in Park City, Utah at a ski resort.



  • Borrow as much clothing/gear as possible from friends! You don’t know if you will love snowboarding/skiing so it’s best to borrow until you decide you want to pursue the sport.
  • Rent your snowboard/skis, boots & bindings, as well as helmets the first couple of trips! There are rental shops at the base of every mountain, but if you want to save, rent your gear in the towns & cities. It’s way cheaper! The average cost of rentals at shops at the base of the mountains are $50-60 USD per day, if you reserve online first, it tends to be about $10 USD cheaper. Prices for rentals in towns & cities are about $20-30 USD per day.
  • Pre-purchase your lift tickets online prior to your trip, they tend to be cheaper than buying the day of at the ticket office. If you have family members or friends who are in the military, they are able to buy discounted tickets!
  •  If you need to buy any items you weren’t able to borrow or forget, check out resale or discounted stores in towns! You can definitely find cheap items such as my $10 USD gloves & $15 USD goggles.


A girl takes a stroll through a ski resort in Park City, Utah.


I usually prefer beaches over the cold which is why I can only do a max of 2 snowboarding trips per year! What about you? Golden sands or white powdery snow? Leave me a comment below & let me know!

Love, Jen

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